Antennas, Masts and Accessories for Military and Emergency HF Radio

AK-MP90-S Manpack Tactical Forward NVIS Hf Antenna
AK-MP90-S Manpack Tactical Forward NVIS Hf Antenna Mast Kit
Manpack Tactical Forward NVIS Antenna and 3-Pole Mast Kit  (Sand)
MK114-124T-G Tactical Green 24 Ft Mast
24 Ft Tactical Long Range Mast in camouflage green, with contrasting folded dipole broadband antenna

BAG-FD-ACU Folded Dipole Tactical Carry Bag
All weather camouflage carry bag and winding cores for broadband folded dipole antennas
Welcome! Barker & Williamson has been a recognized leader worldwide in the manufacture of the highest quality HF broadband antennas, fiberglass masts, air wound coil stock, and other radio parts for military, government, EOC and commercial use since 1932.  We specialize in HF broadband folded dipole antennas for conventional, NVIS, and ALE use, both base and camouflaged tactical.  We also manufacture camouflaged FRP fiberglass masts and mounting kits, as well as the Miniductor and Airdux air wound inductor lines.

Whether your needs are military, government, EOC or commercial, we have your HF solution.

  12 Ft Tactical NVIS Mast Kit
MK114-112T-G 12 Ft Tactical Green Mast Kit
Broadband HF folded dipole
base station antenna.
Conventional, NVIS, ALE
BWDS Broadband HF folded dipole base station antenna
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