Miniductor™, Airdux™, and
Wound Components 

Airdux Coil
Barker & Williamson air wound inductors have been an industry standard since their introduction in 1932.  They offer high Q and mechanical stability, and come in a variety of sizes.  Diameters from 1/2 to 6 inches,  coil lengths to 22 inches, and wire sizes from AWG #8 to #24.  The coils are wound with tinned solid copper wire that is embedded in plastic ribs.

Two coil styles are available:

Miniductors™ - ribs are flat plastic strips, intended for lower power applications (up to 150 Watts)

Airdux TL™ - ribs of polycarbonate round rods, intended for high power applications and/or vibration, with maximum  stability
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