Customer Opinions

"Technically, the systems are awesome and HF propagation is clear and uninterrupted (far superior than most FEKs I've used)."

Capt Z. Koweh, USMC
Asst. Communication Officer
24th Marine Expeditionary Unit
II Marine Expeditionary Force
Camp Lejeune, NC  28542


"We've been on ship for a while now and will begin transitioning back to Camp Lejeune.  I've enclosed a picture of us using your HF antenna and have found it to be a very good antenna for HF ALE.

Maj Brent C Purcell

24th MEU


"I am the Communications Officer for Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division.  We are currently deployed with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit out of Okinawa, Japan.

Early next year we will move back to our home station in Camp Pendleton, California.  We purchased ten MP-65B manpack antennas to improve our ability to talk long distances through HF.

Your product has dramatically improved our ability to talk over long distances.  We recently established a reliable link from several sites in Cambodia to our rear elements in Okinawa using 20-watt PRC-150s on both ends.  This is a distance of over 1800 miles; simply incredible.

We also established a similar link from the Philippines to Okinawa, a distance of about 800 miles.  We were able to communicate through both voice and data on these HF links.

Your antennas are operationally superior . . ."

Lt Aaron E. Middleton

BLT 2/1 Communications Officer

31st MEU


"Just a note to say we are impressed with the [BWD-90] folded dipole.  Just finished installing it this morning at our club station VO1CRC here at the Canadian Red Cross HQ building in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.  We are the official Red Cross Amateur radio station for Newfoundland & Labrador.  The installation went well as we have it mounted as a sloper, the antenna is attached to a 56 ft. Trylon tower and the lower end to a 20 ft piece of pipe.  When we fired up our Kenwood TS450S on 17 meters, the receiver came alive with signals from the USA & Europe.  We worked ON4DY near Ghent, Belgium on 18.162 Mhz.  His signal was solid copy 5/9 and he told us that our signal was really good into Belgium.  It was satisfying to hear good signal reports as this is a new qth for the station and we just recently had our tower erected after 2 years since the move to this location.  I would recommend this antenna to any one who requires to be able to work all bands, especially in an emergency role as is the case in this station.  The swr curve for the antenna as stated in the instructions was as listed and the rig had no trouble loading and putting a good signal out on all bands.  Thanks for a great product 73."

Don Payne, VO1XH

C/O Avalon Radio Amateur Club (A.V.R.A.C)


"Back when I was running around as an army radio operator in South America and elsewhere, I used the B&W [BWD-65] constantly.  We needed a portable antenna that had excellent medium and long range capabilities, as well as durability.

The antenna, in either dipole or an inverted V configuration, worked great with only 20 watts on SSB.  As you can imagine, we weren't doing this for a hobby, this was real world conditions.  There wasn't to be any compromises.

I am now an amateur radio operator and intend on purchasing a B&W antenna in the near future.  I know what its capabilities are and hope that this testimonial acts as an endorsement of sorts.

Barker & Williamson, keep up the good work."

Keith Crosby, KC0KAN


"I have installed a few of your antennas in the last few months as a result of our contract with the Virginia Army National Guard.  The B & W antennas have performed very well when installed properly at the various locations."

"I cover numerous army national guards in various states.  Over 90% use a dipole antenna.  I am advising them to replace their antennas with the [BWDS-90N] . . . to improve their communications capabilities."

Ed Engebretson  - Global Communications Raleigh, NC


"I bought and put up your model BWD-1.8-30 antenna, and I want you to know it works GREAT!  I use it on our Civil Air Patrol frequencies.  I hear stations now that were only in the noise before.  Speaking of noise, the noise level dropped using this antenna as compared to the dipole I was using before."

Joe  -  Odessa, TX

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