BWDI Tactical Broadband
HF Folded Dipole Antennas

BWDI green antenna rolled up with carry bag
Green antenna shown rolled up next to included carry bag.
The Antenna for ALE and NVIS!

PATENT NO 4,423,423

Barker & Williamson's BWDI series of tactical camouflaged broadband folded dipole antennas, together with our MK114 mast systems, gives tactical units the full HF communications capability they need.  These antennas are so unique that they were even patented!  A wide variety of missions can be handled with this one antenna.  They offer fully automatic, low SWR operation over the entire HF band without need for an antenna tuner/coupler, as well as coverage from 30 to 60 Mhz with a tuner for your newest radios.  They are frequency agile, and will operate continuous ALE or secure frequency hopping.  They will propagate excellent NVIS, medium or long distance.

Besides impressive performance transmitting, this antenna design also delivers when it comes to reception.   The superior signal to noise ratio, loop configuration, and a high impedance terminator allows reading the weakest signals that other antennas would lose in the background noise.  You even get automatic static bleed off from wind or thunderstorms.  

There are no mechanical parts like relays or motors to wear out, as in some other broadband tuning systems!   Ready to go right out of the box, no taps to change, no measuring, nothing to tune.  Designed for the military, built to last, priced for anybody's budget.  Fast and simple to deploy.
It's Simple . . . It's Reliable . . . It Works!

Why utilize a broadband antenna?
  Frequency Agile The new standard for military, government, homeland defense.  Hop frequencies at any speed as long as you want, as there are no mechanical parts or active components to wear out.  ALE radios allow reliable HF communications in any weather, day or night, without an experienced operator.
  Military/Govt This one antenna performs short, medium, and long haul, NVIS, and ALE.  Whatever the mission, this antenna will perform.
  Cost Low cost.  Utilize one antenna instead of several.  No need for an antenna coupler/tuner.  No antenna switches.
  Performance Tune any frequency in the antenna's bandwidth, and have VSWR of 2:1 or better in HF. VSWR of 3:1 or better from 30 - 60 Mhz.  Capture weak signals in receive mode. Much better performance than any vertical.  Very reliable. 
  Simple to Install Easy to install as inverted Vee, flat top, or sloper. Just put it up!  No adjustments of any kind. No tuning.  Completely assembled.  No grounds to play with.  Support with our MK114 mast kits.
  Simple to Use Utilize personnel with far less training.  No more choosing which antenna to use, no endless playing with a tuner.

     >  SWR less than 2:1 over entire HF frequency range for the model
    >  SWR less than 3:1 from 30 to 60 Mhz
    >  Lowest noise for unmatched reception
    >  No antenna tuner required for HF
    >  1 KW PEP SSB/CW ICAS  (Intermittent)
    >  Super flexible #14 PVC insulated copper wire
    >  50 ohm input with N connector
    >  Comes completely assembled, easy to install
    >  Install as inverted Vee, flat top, or sloper
    >  Three pole mast kits available (MK112 or MK114)
    >  BAG-FD carry bag  in ACU and all weather spools included
    >  MK114-CM center mount in green or sand is included

Usage Tips:  

Always use the longest antenna that will fit your space, as it will have better radiation efficiency at the low frequencies and give you a stronger signal.

Properly mounted these antennas will withstand hurricanes, making them an ideal choice for emergency services and mission critical installations.  A three pole mounting system is required.

For medium or long range communication, recommended minimum clear apex height  is 25 feet for 80 meter, 40 feet for 160 meters. The higher the installation, the more effectively the antenna will radiate, especially at the lower frequencies.

NVIS propagation is performed as a flat-top from ground level to approx 12 feet high, depending upon frequency, ground conditions and distance of coverage desired.
Choose the correct model for your needs

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BWDI-20N 20 FT 14 - 30 Mhz 30 - 60 Mhz PVC Insulated Copper
BWDI-45N 45 FT 7 - 30 Mhz 30 - 60 Mhz   PVC Insulated Copper
BWDI-65N 65 FT 4 - 30 Mhz 30 - 60 Mhz   PVC Insulated Copper
BWDI-90N 90 FT 1.8 - 30 Mhz 30 - 60 Mhz   PVC Insulated Copper
BWDI-180N 180 FT 1.8 - 30 Mhz
enhanced low
end operation
30 - 60 Mhz PVC Insulated Copper
This antenna was designed at Barker & Williamson by the request of the United States Government more than 30 years ago.  Since then we have supplied tens of thousands of them to the U.S. Armed Forces and many other military organizations including NATO,  UN, international disaster relief organizations, emergency management operations, and countless commercial organizations around the world.  It is also a favorite among amateur operators.  They can be found on every continent in the world, including Antarctica.  From the desert, to tropical rain forests, to frozen tundra - we know that they are very tough and deserve their excellent reputation for performance worldwide.
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