Composite Fiberglass
Manpack Mast Kits

Rapid Forward Deployment

Specifically Designed for Man Pack Use
Barker & Williamson's manpack mast system, together with our manpack broadband antenna, provides full HF communications capability in one small, light, rapidly deployable kit.   The entire mast system comes in one camouflage bag that is 22" x 10" x 10", and weighs 17 lbs.  Focused on operating NVIS propagation, the three pole mast set will hold our folded dipole antennas at 6 feet of height in a flat top configuration.  This will allow no skip operation within approximately 250 miles, over all terrain and structures.  The same kit allows an alternate configuration of inverted vee at 15 feet of height.

Mast pole sections are a very short 18 inches.  They are rapidly field assembled with an inner joiner piece by just pushing them together.   Unlike our longer masts, these have no need for locking pins as there is no safety hazard at 6 feet of height.  A locator pin is hammered into the ground to stabilize the bottom of the assembly.  A guy ring is placed on top, and lines run down to ground stakes.  The preassembled guy lines have easy to use tensioners and snap hooks. 

The material utilized for the pole sections is a composite known as FRP - fiberglass reinforced plastic.  Unlike cheap "fishing pole" material it is extremely lightweight, strong, and rigid.  The color is throughout the material - no chipping paint.   Also, shock hazards are eliminated.

Other features include bottom locating pins turned from aircraft aluminum, and ultra-strong aluminum ground stakes to avoid rust.  All guys and lines utilize polyester, which won't stretch, rot, or degrade in UV.
As usual, B&W brings you the best!
Rapid Deployment One man can set up the antenna in under 5 minutes.
Complete Complete tactical kits include the poles, pins, carry bag, hammer, preassembled guy lines - everything.
Small and Light These pole kits break down to just 18 inches in length.  Easy to carry, a complete 3-pole 6 Ft mast kit weighs just 17 lbs.
Performance & Safety Light and easy to handle.  NO SHOCK HAZARDS!  Performs better with the radio than metal or carbon fiber poles.
Camouflage Available in forest green and sand colors.
AK-MP90B-S  - 90 Ft, 20W, 1.6-30 Mhz, Sand
AK-MP90B-G  - 90 Ft, 20W, 1.6-30 Mhz, Green
AK-MP65B-S  - 65 Ft, 20W, 4-30 Mhz, Sand
AK-MP65B-G  - 65 Ft, 20W, 4-30 Mhz, Green


>  Pole Size                     1-1/4" dia, 1/8" wall
>  Height                          NVIS Flat Top - 6 Ft, Inverted Vee - 15 Ft
>  Guy Spread                NVIS Flat Top - 3 Ft, Inverted Vee - 8 Ft
>  Guy Tension              5 - 10 Lbs
>  Head Load                  6 lbs max
>  Wind Loading             Approx 5 Lbs sideways at 50 MPH
>  Weight                          Approx 17 Lbs for complete mast kit


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