MP Broadband HF Manpack
Antenna System NVIS & ALE

Rapid Forward Deployment

PATENT NO 4,423,423
AK-MP90B-S Manpack Antenna Components AK-MP90B-S Manpack Antenna showing wire hookup
The complete antenna system.
Simply snap the hooks to the eyebolts, plug in, and unroll.
AK-MP90B-S Manpack Antenna sand antenna hung on green mast AK-MP90B-S Manpack Antenna easy wire connections
Sand antenna hung on a contrasting  green mast.
Spring loaded snap hooks and 1/4 turn connectors allow quick deployment and assure reliability.
Barker & Williamson's MP manpack broadband folded dipole antennas, together with our manpack mast system, gives forward units the HF communications capability of a rear unit in one small, light, rapidly deployable kit.    Although focused on operating NVIS propagation from a 20 Watt field radio such as the PRC-150, the antenna is capable of fully automatic, low SWR operation from 1.6 - 30 Mhz without need for an antenna tuner/coupler.  (For higher power operation use our BWDI line of folded dipoles.)  The NVIS propagation will allow no skip operation within approximately 250 miles, even over mountains.  This antenna is frequency agile, and will operate continuous ALE or secure frequency hopping.  Weighing only 5 lbs, it will fit in the same bag with our manpack mast.

The antenna is amazingly compact and simple, comprised of only the center assembly, two spreaders, and the wire assemblies.  To deploy simply erect support poles, hang the center assembly from a snap hook, clip the wires to the center assembly, unroll the wires to the end supports, clip onto the end rings, tension, and snap in the spreaders.

There is nothing else available that can compete with the ease of use, rapid deployment time, or performance of this antenna.   Complete with thermoplastic housing, camouflage, super flexible insulated wires, 1/4 turn connections, wire winders.  Put it together with our manpack mast kit, and you have a total HF communications system in a 22" x 10" x 10" bag for NVIS.
The Smallest and Lightest Broadband Antenna
System for Forward Tactical NVIS ALE HF

Specifically Designed for Man Pack Use

As usual, B&W brings you the best!
Rapid Deployment One man can set up the antenna in under 5 minutes.
Complete The center assembly, two spreaders, and two wire assemblies comprise the entire antenna.
Small and Light Look at the pictures above.  Nothing could be smaller and operate HF!  Weighs only 5 lbs.
Performance Light and easy to handle.  Super flexible insulated wires.   Operates 1.6 - 30 Mhz ALE without a coupler.
Camouflage Available in forest green and sand colors.


AK-MP90B-S  - 90 Ft, 20W, 1.6-30 Mhz, Sand
AK-MP90B-G  - 90 Ft, 20W, 1.6-30 Mhz, Green
AK-MP65B-S  - 65 Ft, 20W, 4-30 Mhz, Sand
AK-MP65B-G  - 65 Ft, 20W, 4-30 Mhz, Green


   >  SWR less than 2:1 from 1.6 to 30 Mhz for 90 Ft
   >  SWR less than 2:1 from 4 to 30 Mhz for 65 Ft
   >  Lowest noise for unmatched reception
   >  No antenna tuner/coupler required
   >  20 watts PEP CW/SSB continuous
   >  Super flexible #14 PVC insulated copper wire
   >  50 ohm input with BNC connector
   >  Antenna weighs 5 lbs
   >  Complete Manpack System weighs <25 Lbs with coax cable

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